Price of our machines will not ruin your business and it is the same for all, your turnover or number of employees is not important.

Trough vibrator 350x400x900 

6.100  EUR

Trough vibrator 400x600x900

7.350  EUR

Trough vibrator 500x700x1000

8.850  EUR

Vibratory dryer 350x400x900 

6.300 EUR

Vibratory polishing machine for aluminium wheels - barrel 750x600 

5.500  EUR

Waste water filtering with forced circulation 500x900x450 

1.100 EUR

Individual size of machine upon request

Payment by instalments

price of machine is 15% higher

first instalment 3.200 EUR, monthly 260 EUR

260 EUR

Volitelná výbava žlabů:

frequency converter

partition wall 1pc

780  EUR

180 EUR


Delivery time 4-5 weeks since date of signing a contract.